4×4 Car Hire Uganda, acts as the chief booking agent for the Uganda Rwanda Gorilla trekking permits for clients interested to take self drive Uganda or Rwanda, for the clients traveling with our own fleet the booking service of the gorilla permits in Uganda and Rwanda is free, but for clients interested just to acquire their permits through us, we charge a simple fee to book for these permits. Book with us you will not fail to get this permit.

The gorilla permit in Uganda each cost $ 600 USD foreign visitors, then foreign residents $ 500 USD, East African Residents 250,000 Uganda Shillings in peak season, then promotional-low season $ 450 USD foreign visitors and then foreign residents $ 400 USD and East African Resident 150,000 Uganda Shillings (April, May & November) every year.

The Uganda wildlife Authority, has launched a new experience in the Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla Parks which is gorilla habituation experience and the fees are $ 15,00 USD foreign visitors, $ 1,000 foreign residents and 750,000 Uganda Shillings for the East African Residents of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. This gorilla habituation experience rate include, guide fee, park entrance fees for the day and
community development contribution.

We not only book gorilla permits, we can as well book for you permits for the other Uganda primates like Chimpanzee which cost $ 150 USD foreign visitors, $ 100 USD foreign resident and 100,000 Uganda Shillings for the East African Residents and Habituation is $ 220 USD foreign visitors, $ 150 USD foreign residents and 70,000 Uganda shillings for East African Residents in Kibale Forest,

The Kibale Forest Chimpanzees in promotional season of April, May and November permit each cost $ 100 USD foreign visitor, $ 75 USD foreign residents and 750,000 Uganda Shillings for the East African Residents.Then the $ 90 USD in Budongo Forest, $ 50 USD in Kyambura Gorge and Kalinzu Forest in Uganda.

Then in Rwanda gorilla permit each cost $ 750 USD throughout the year. Then $ 90 USD in Nyungwe Forest-Rwanda. For the Golden Monkey it is $ 100 USD each in the Volcanoes National Park and then in Mgahinga Gorilla Park in Uganda the golden monkey tracking is $ 50 USD, Experience is $ 100 USD


Commercial Filming and Photography of Wildlife is a new tourism product in Uganda and it very few tour companies that offer this experience and we are the number and we have a well experienced tour consultants, tour guides and fitted photography vehicles and good at organizing this unforgettable African wilderness!

General Commercial Filming and Photography

1 to 5 people (crew) US$ 630 per day -duration as per guidelines

More than 5 people (crew) US$ 150 per extra person per day

Filming Gorillas and Chimpanzee

Gorilla filming: US$ 4,200 per hour while with the gorillas, Excludes Gorilla permits

Chimpanzee: US$ 1,050 per day includes entry fees, excludes chimp permits

For all filming activities:

A 5% monitoring fee is included


US$ 150 per person per day – duration as per guidelines and Prior booking of permits is required to book the experience in advance.

Fines and Penalties and charged to clients in such incidents like Off-tracking driving fine is US$ 150 per incident and Over Speeding UGX 100,000 per incident and then the Animal Accident fee (Road kill) is US$ 500