We offer the Student tours in Uganda visiting the gorillas, wildlife and culture.  And for many years we have helped teachers and students discover the world through culturally immersive educational travel. Through experiential learning they gain new perspectives, develop important regional skills and become true global citizens. When teachers work with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda, the best agency offering these guided tours and self drive trips, they give their students an immersive, educational Eco tours at a very lowest price.

Students return home inspired, confident and more connected to the world around them. But this isn’t the end of their journey—it’s the beginning. The memories, experiences and discoveries they make abroad will continue to shape their perspective, as well as their future. It’s why we make leading Eco tours so easy—to ensure that more teachers can give their students the opportunity to experience the world.

For the students traveling around Uganda for holidays or study trips and interested in self drive trips we have got the best rental offer which is affordable and can easily fit into the students budget. Just contact one of our travel consultant who will offer you the best deal of car rental and the camping equipments.