Overland Safaris to Africa, to experience the diversity of Africa on one of our overland camping expeditions, exploring African-Uganda’s tourist’s attractions most fascinating and beautiful sceneries. From Kenya through to Uganda exploring the variety of wildlife, primates, sightseeing, culture and beaches and the expeditions range from 16 to 30 days, and tours are done with the stay in moving camping tents or fully stationed safari camps. Our expeditions are led by experienced tour leaders, along with a driver and cook, who have traveled extensively throughout the region and have the firsthand knowledge of the destinations and the skills required to ensure you will have a wonderful and memorable trip and our trucks are African wildlife viewing customized vehicles and are fully equipped. Then at the end of your expedition in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania or from Zambia you will meet our Managing Director for the certificate award and cocktail and an appreciation message to travel with 4×4 Car Hire Africa a very reliable car rental Africa service provider! Book your Overland Camping Safari with us. Full payment required at time of booking.